Customer Experience


Customer Care  & Retention

Our 30 years of experience allows us to understand the customer journey and makes it simpler, and more cost-effective. Our industry knowledge helps strength the relationship with your customers. We are your most agile partner in welcome calling, onboarding, appointment management, renewals and emergency response, integrating channels seamlessly using voice, chat, email and social media options thereby delivering consistency


Sales & Marketing

We believe in sales culture which is focused on customer proximity. We are the face of your brand and its of utmost importance to us to service your customers right and educate them to increase the brand awareness. Cross-selling and Upselling being the drivers in this process we convince and persuade the customers for additional purchases or upgradations to higher values. We run various campaigns to generate leads, and convert those leads into business to augment sales. We ensure significant growth in your revenues thereby delivering best services. 


Requests and Complaints Management

The most important piece in this service is to hear, the customer shares the information only once. We have an efficient team of associates who efficiently capture all the required information for timely resolution of request or compliant and reciprocating the same to the customers. We ensure all the SLAs and monitoring capabilities are in place to provide enhances customer experience


Loyalty Programmes

The very reason a customer stay with a company is along with the services and offers they also have a positive feeling for the brand. We enhance loyalty experience by extending our hand in supporting the emotional connection a brand shares with its customers. Loyalty programmes is vital touch point in a customer journey and helps in increasing the revenue, we deliver the best services to help customers achieve the desired results.


Dealer Support

A high-quality outbound program for automotive dealerships. We help setting up appointments with customers whose vehicle is coming due for service. Resolution of issues faced by the customers during the service and ensure best customer experience. Post service survey of all customers who have visited the dealership.


Merchant Support

We offer simple, reliable, and effective support for all the merchant payments. We offer customer service bill payments, recharges, and money remittance issues. All payment processes are optimized to maximize security and offer satisfactory transactions.

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